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Motivated by a constant desire to provide white glove service, JP Media boasts an unprecedented level of client satisfaction. A family-owned business, our history is steeped with innovation and an appreciation for delivering what our clients are looking for.


What is the market perception of your brand? And how about when you look at it from different angles? What emotions does your brand evoke - both internally AND externally?

Design Services

Strong, consistent graphic design is a hallmark of credibility. Across an ever growing spectrum of media JP Designs put you ahead of your competition with compelling design concepts and collateral material.


Things move quick, so how do you maximize your social media footprint? From Retail to Recruitment, JP Media Social helps clients target & expand audiences, gather intelligence and influence people on a granular level.


Where is your target audience today? On a tablet or phone, streaming video to a laptop or other mobile device? The answer is yes (an ever growing % of their time). JP Media can show you how to reach them.


Print, Radio & Out-Of-Home - all things in proper measure. Think of the media landscape as panoramic and appealing to many senses. That's a lot ways to stimulate your audience.

Staffing Services

Smarter Recruiting at lower fees! JP Media's Talent Search team has a strong track record of successful candidate placements, with fees as low as 10%. Click here for details.

Work Philosophy

Sure we want your business, here's why our approach fosters relationships, not transactions.







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The Outside-in Approach

JP Media advocates an “Outside-In” Approach to Customer Service as presented by Harvard Business School Professor Ranjay Gulati from his book, Reorganize for Resilience: Putting Customers at the Center of Your Business (Harvard Business Press). The notion of “Outside-In” shifts the focus of our service from simply delivering a product, to gaining greater client understanding in order to create holistic solutions which encompass core business themes.

Gaining real insights into customers' needs demands more of companies than those arising from typical market research. The questions you ask of customers must be more profound and open-ended, with an intent not only to discover how your customers engage with your products or services but also to understand some of the broader parameters of the constraints they are facing in their own lives.”

Creative Concept
Looking past "The Box"

At the core of good creative (from an “Outside-In” perspective) is an understanding of where a client is in their own development, and how far they are interested in mining the process. Sure there’s a “box” and creative can be developed inside or outside that box, but HOW is that decision made?

Is an agency simply unleashing a creative team operating in a fixed moment in time, or is the creative process being developed to fully integrate all moving parts?

Creating Solutions not PDF's

We live in a collaborative world, in our environment production is defined by DELIVERING solutions, and is not a factor of billable hours. As a boutique agency we are acutely aware of our internal strengths and collaborate with a consortia of talented partners when it serves our clents' interests.

By maintaining the relationship and a first hand understanding of the goals, needs, and limitations of our clients JP Media's production process is tailored to every job, with client satisfaction as the driving force.

is for information, not accolades

A client service philosophy is a highly organic being whose nutrition is regular feedback and communication. Show us a static relationship and we’ll show you a relationship on the way out.

That’s why “Outside-In” ensures that JP Media stays committed to understanding the EVENTS (both short and long term) which effect our client’s success. Metrics are one thing, Mindsets are something totally different.

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Client Thoughts

It's our privilege to serve each and every client, and when they take the time to pass along a compliment, we are endebted to them even more!


"We just did a campaign with JP Media that covered Geo-targeted advertising, Electronic Mail Blasts even “old school” print ads and online postings! Our experience was top notch. Great service, fast turn-around with attention to a limited budget—we got great coverage and did not break the bank. Matt and his team provide excellent ideas and found ways to incorporate what we wanted in a fresh new way"

Sandra Vernon, HR Leader


"The thing we like best about working with JP Media is that we never have to wonder where we stand as clients. The quality of the work is always good, we’re always presented with options that have our best interests at heart, and things get done by people we like in the timeframe we need."

Christine Smith, Manager, Human Resources, Red Clay Consolidated School District"


"JP Media has been a fantastic partner in helping Five Star Rehab & Wellness establish our social media footprint. They have been a huge help in advising us on our content development and social media strategy. I doubt we would have gotten this far this fast without their help."

Lyle Allen, Rehab Recruiter


"The jobboard solution created by JP Media for us has been fantastic. It was easy to integrate (just a link off our website), has a professional look and the functionality we need. Our document management has ALSO taken huge steps forward. Word docs and pdfs forms were filled out be hand, poorly structured and always difficult to read. Now our interactive pdf’s are thoughtful, consistent. So much better and more efficient!"

John Parker, Manager, Human Resources | Health Insurance Innovations


"It's been my pleasure to be a client of JP Media for well over a decade. I work with them, refer them to industry peers and when I have changed positions, I take them with me wherever I go!"

Rick Barton, Director of Human Resources


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