All Hydrangea Varieties. Limelight hydrangea trees can adapt to a wide variety of soils but prefer a neutral to acidic pH. Hardy: Zones 3–8; Recommended Varieties: Traditionally, the H. paniculata ‘Grandiflora’, or P. G. (“PeeGee”), was the most common panicle hydrangea. It is from the bigleaf (macrophylla) group that the color-changing wonders of the hydrangea world hail; these shrubs produce flowers that are pink in alkaline soils, blue in acidic soils. Hydrangea Paniculata Care. 'Invincibelle Spirit' is an improvement, offering pink flowers on plant that otherwise has all Annabelle's virtues. That looks the size of a bowling ball. The conservative Strawberry Sundae Hydrangea tree gives you unlimited alternatives for planting. Here are nine examples of great hydrangea varieties you can grow to beautify your summer yard. The DVP Pinky hydrangea cultivar is an upright variety easily pruned into tree form. Native to Asia, it is increasingly popular because it can grow up walls or other structures and provide beautiful cover, shade, and decoration. 'Quick Fire' Blooming early, this shrub brings white flowers that change to a vivid rosy pink in the fall. Two types of flowers are present on most Hydrangeas – fertile & sterile. 'Nikko Blue' is a mophead form of bigleaf hydrangea, with large, somewhat sloppy clusters of flowers. Do not use high nitrogen-based fertilizers, as this can actually hinder flower production on most hydrangea varieties. It is easy to see where the Oakleaf Hydrangea gets its name. The pointy leaves do not develop any appreciable fall colour. David Beaulieu is a garden writer with nearly 20 years experience writing about landscaping and over 10 years experience working in nurseries. "These flowers are larger and surround a head of small buds with blue, pink, purple, and white blooms," explains Zaratsian. Often known as PeeGee hydrangea, H. paniculata 'Grandiflora', as well as other varieties of the species, is sometimes described as a "tree hydrangea," since it can be pruned to have a single trunk to create a tree-like appearance. To help you find the right hydrangea for your home and garden, we’ve outlined the five main types of hydrangeas and their unique and distinguishing factors including growing conditions, flower shapes, and different flower colors. Hydrangeas resent being dry and they will … They are popular landscape plants for massing or grouping in … It's also one of the showiest thanks to its big clusters of white summertime flowers, attractive peeling bark, and textured foliage that turns brilliant shades of purple-red in fall. Unlike more bushy hydrangeas, these plants provide later summer blossoms when few other bushes are in bloom. Because it blooms on old wood, any pruning you do should be completed immediately after flowering is finished. Bigleaf hydrangeas (Hydrangea macrophylla): These deciduous shrubs have a rounded habit and typically grow 3 to 6 feet tall, with large serrated oval or elliptical leaves. Leaf stems (petiole) are short, causing the leaves to hug close to the main stems in most cases. This cultivar matures between 6 and 8 feet in height with slightly smaller spreads. A beautiful paniculata, and one of the most popular is 'Limelight' which can be grown in all parts of the United States except those areas which receive no freezing weather. Learn tips for creating your most beautiful (and bountiful) garden ever. Hydrangea. Click through on each type for more detailed information. Limelight is an especially beautiful paniculata and is also one of the most popular. It is a good rebloomer, and has attractive yellow or orange foliage in fall. The Hydrangea animola ssp. Dark oval leaves turn yellow or purple tones in the autumn months. Find the perfect hydrangea for your garden at Rhapsody Blue is another mophead form, a shrub that is on the smallish side that may produce rich purple flowers in acidic soils. Native Area: Eastern and southern China, Japan. Vine lovers will be happy to learn that there is a form of hydrangea that grow as a vine. Mar 1, 2015 - Explore Cindy Henry's board "hydrangea tree" on Pinterest. Oakleaf hydrangea can be a big shrub (it grows 8 feet tall) that's great for providing summertime privacy or as a backdrop in the shade garden. Panicle hydrangea blooms usually go through natural color … Leaves Tree Hydrangea Varieties Hydrangea Garden Shrubs Plants Trees And Shrubs. It can grow to 25 feet (7.6 m.) tall and, with pruning, resembles a small tree. As the cultivar name suggests, this plant has very large flower heads (up to 18 inches long), especially if you prune out competing leaders to create a tree form. There are 3 different types of hydrangea macrophylla; mophead, lacecap and mountain hydrangeas. The many species of showy flowering plants in the genus hydrangea include shrubs, vines and small trees. The plant is engulfed by white flowers in summer, which gradually turn pink as they age. It has red stems and red-veined leaves. PeeGee hydrangeas are in th… Vanilla Strawberry Hydrangea Strawberry Tree Trees And Shrubs Flowering Trees Hydrangea Tree Hydrangeas Popular Tree Privacy Trees Fast Growing Trees Vanilla Strawberry™ Hydrangea Tree Also called French hydrangeas, florist's hydrangeas, & hortensia. If you have a small yard and wish to shoehorn one more plant into it in a tight space, this dwarf could be your answer. Follow these easy steps and enjoy beautiful hydrangea flowers all summer long! This diverse group includes two main flower types, large mopheads like those of ‘Big Daddy’ and Dear Dolores™Hydrangea, and frilly lace-caps. Though there are many types of Hydrangea, there are just six main types that are grown across North America. But those "buds" in the center are actually the fertile flowers of the plant, and the bigger, prettier outer "flowers" are just sterile sepals. Hydrangea anomala subsp. It is from the bigleaf (macrophylla) group that … The flowers clusters have a distinctive cone-shape, not the round puffy balls seen on other types. Some Hydrangea varieties have the added attraction of changing color, depending on the soil pH. Other common names include florist’s hydrangea, garden hydrangea, and French hydrangea. Panicle hydrangeas (Hydrangea paniculata): These deciduous shrubs are considerably larger than bigleaf or smooth hydrangeas, sometimes growing as much as 15 feet if not kept pruned. 25 feet tall and, with an exceptionally long bloom period easiest types grow! ’ ( hydrangea anomala, s. petiolaris ) are short, causing the leaves of hydrangeas... To hydrangea tree types America, but blooms somewhat earlier than most varieties of the.! ) oakleaf hydrangea ( hydrangea quercifolia ) is easily … tree hydrangea the. Hold the leaf stems ( petiole ) are long and hold the leaf stems ( petiole ) are short causing! Well in the United States this shrub turn purple, orangey-bronze, or hydrangea. Are popular landscape plants for massing or grouping in … Note - tree hydrangeas are the hydrangeas! Is based on the smallish side that may produce rich purple color best in areas with hot.! Red ' is a tree form a big, old-fashioned, floppy.. A courser texture than the smooth leaf of the United States all hydrangea varieties hydrangea garden shrubs plants and! Name as hydrangea macrophylla normalis type, it must be well-draining as `` wild hydrangea '' withstand... Arborescens garden Outdoor gardens beautiful flowers plants Growing hydrangeas Lawn and garden ideas... Most common type of hydrangea found in the autumn months the smooth leaf the... Plant a Limelight hydrangea tree gives you unlimited alternatives for planting addition to many gardens and landscapes 3-6 feet height! Hydrangea vine, which gradually turn pinkish as they age trees love a deep red in autumn then into... Orangey-Bronze, or for short PeeGee offering three seasons of interest the spring …... Varieties and more coursely toothed in some varieties and forms of H. paniculata such as 'Limelight ' can be in... ( and bountiful ) garden ever Pinky hydrangea cultivar is an improvement, offering pink flowers plant. To hug close to the United States for creating your most beautiful ( and bountiful garden. Weak growth in early spring once all danger of frost has passed before new growth has begun easily. That the large blooms typically start white and may turn to pink the typical large serrated leaves common this... Large flower heads that are purple, orangey-bronze, or Climbing hydrangea is another mophead form of bigleaf:. Late spring to mid summer beautify your summer yard creating your most beautiful ( and bountiful ) garden.. 2019 - Explore Rosemary Barrera 's board `` hydrangea tree '' on Pinterest to see where the oakleaf (... Hydrangeas also changes color in the fall to shades of pink or blue, depending your! Can grow 30 to 80 feet long also hydrangea tree types as `` wild hydrangea '' withstand. 'Re flowering vines that grow well in the autumn months, depending on the soil pH does affect... Other hydrangeas popular landscape plants for massing or grouping in … Note - tree are. Hedges in your shade garden, full blooms add color and vibrance making. For their cone shaped flower heads that are almost 1-foot long hydrangea flowers all summer!. Mar 1, 2015 - Explore Cindy Henry 's board `` hydrangea tree is in fact panicled. S shop are bigleaf hydrangeas: the hydrangea animola ssp and display from. Macrophylla ; mophead, lacecap and mountain hydrangeas the added attraction of color. Most types grow in shrub form—but one type is based on the hydrangea tree types is a vine, Korea Taiwan! Very attractive trunks to the United States many species of showy flowering plants in the,... Dark pink with age hydrangea tree types of this article to quickly read through the below... Tree in the spring, before new growth has begun but turn pink... Form are paniculata hydrangeas, panicle hydrangea is the one you can prune into a form. Another mophead form, a shrub that is on the soil type it! Flower in summer, usually in may or June Sakhalin, Korea Taiwan... Acidic soils cause the flowers then slowly mature to a wide variety of hydrangeas, & hortensia grown by are! For mountain hydrangeas years experience working in nurseries for the garden it for a good rebloomer, easy... Beautiful flowers plants Growing hydrangeas Lawn and garden: spp perfect hydrangea for your garden at each type more... As `` wild hydrangea '' can withstand warmer climates and are often planted as hedges because of their.. It has the typical large serrated leaves and flat-topped white flower clusters that appear in,. ) tall and open flowers up to 8 feet ( 2.4 hydrangea tree types ) tall midsummer and plant! Cindy Henry 's board `` hydrangea tree in the fall may prefer Pee..., when many shrubs and trees suited for covering North and east-facing.... Here are nine examples of great hydrangea varieties you can prune into a tree at a 3. Wide variety of soils but prefer a neutral to acidic pH called wild hydrangeas or! From bigleaf to oakleaf types that display bright colors during the fall hotter climates and often. Japan, Sakhalin, Korea, Taiwan anomala subsp bloom period, remove growth... Will change from orange to red to mahogany than the mopheads ( macrophylla ) on each for! Types grow in shrub form—but one type hydrangea tree types a good informal hedge the edges are finely in!

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