Gahaha, I feel a little bad about interrupting, but I was kind of curious, gahahaha, “Bullshit! That would mean that after this—​, “Kukuku… I, Igva, am an Elder Lich, but don’t look down on me because I’m not a melee fighter!”. As Zaryusu thought about how to fight on, he heard something. There were looks of worshipful awe on everyone’s faces. Wonder how he would draw them onto his side now. The Lizardmen easily crushed the bony bodies of the Skeletons with every swing of their weapons. After a sleepy-headed Crusch embraced Zaryusu, she began rubbing herself on him. He did not understand. As Zaryusu saw the Lizardmen take Rororo back to the village, he breathed a momentary sigh of relief. Definitely enjoying my overlord fix. Igva and other skeletal creatures like him were immune to cold damage. Legendary spellcasters aside, most magic casters who allowed an enemy to get close might find their spells disrupted during the casting. “This is Crusch Lulu, the leader of the High Priests!”. There was no time now to make a full-body shield which could withstand high temperatures. Just as Crusch said that, the wind carried the clamor of the warriors to them. I can't wait for the next one! Overlord - Vol 4 - Chapter 3 Part 4 Ciggy Shiggy Februari 12, 2016 Bahasa, Content 2 Comments. The Skeletons crumbled one after the other as he watched the battle. A huge —​ roughly one hundred fifty centimeters —​ crab with an enormous right pincer appeared from the surface of the water, as though it had always been sleeping there and just woken up. Through our alliance, we are now one tribe! However, he had crossed that distance, and he was within reach of his foe. Amidst a spray of bubbles, four skeletons emerged from the marsh to defend Igva, each holding round shields and curved swords. She did not plan to force herself to stand. Then, they clashed —​ the vanguards of the Skeletons and the Lizardmen colliding with each other. While it was about the same size as the Green Claw village, there were more Lizardmen here, probably because the Lizardmen from other tribes had steadily flocked to it. All the chiefs and Zaryusu were here, for a total of six people. Assigned. Zaryusu erected a wall of freezing fog which billowed up from his feet. Igva and other skeletal creatures like him were immune to cold damage. Their combined fighting strength was 429 warriors, twenty six priests, forty five hunters, four hundred ninety one males, and three hundred eight females, for a total of 1380 people, not including the chiefs and Zaryusu. As the undead creature closed to within one hundred meters of the five Head Warriors, it began using 「Fireball」 to execute area-of-effect attacks. Such. It expanded as swiftly as it had earlier, until it enveloped the entire sky. The other motionless heads were little more than dead weight. “Muu… One thing, is the person inside beautiful?”. There was a small house that was being used as the meeting room for the various chiefs. The strong would live, and the weak would die. New Dividing into two teams meant that they could fight in two places, but it also meant their strength would be divided and weakened. The rest is up to you!”. After hearing Cocytus acquiesce to Entoma’s directions, the people around the table began working to clear the table. The four older Lizardmen nodded as they looked on their adorable juniors. Holy shit, that's not Crusch at the end. Read Overlord Vol.4 Special - Overlord Vol.4 Special released! In addition, Magic Arrows were unavoidable spells; not even by someone like Zaryusu. Friday, January 9, 2015 . Just as Crusch said that, the wind carried the clamor of the warriors to them. As expected, it was heading straight for Igva. As the high-pitched voice —​ which called to mind the image of a young girl —​ spoke those words, another scroll was laid on the table. To these fellow creations of the same Supreme Being, he gave an order: Upon receipt of those orders, the two Bloodmeat Hulks lumbered out towards the three Lizardmen who were devastating the Skeleton Riders. After spreading themselves out, the five of them looked at each other, and then sprinted. He had no idea what reason could warrant drafting the dregs of Nazarick into a fighting force. If even a Lizardman like Zenberu could not hold back his pain, that implied his wounds were not light. Once he has an opening to use his priest spells, he’ll get even stronger. Therefore, it was very hard to tell their numbers from the size of their camps. Objectives?” Cocytus hurriedly asked Demiurge. Soon, the undead forces began a slow advance. Upon returning to his room with its grand desk, Ainz sighed in relief. Very. In that moment, countless bones flew in all directions, and the Lizardman squadron tore into the Skeleton horde. Igva and Zaryusu both realised this, and their expressions were dramatically different as a result. Nobody could breach that triple-layered defense without Demiurge’s knowledge. Crusch and Zaryusu froze like a pair of ice statues. Nobody made a sound, but everybody could sense the tremors in the air. Now, all the Lizardmen here definitely felt it. Then, she practically rolled off Zaryusu, until she hit a wall. The problem now was that said properties might have been the result of a curse. The important thing is what sort of results you will show Ainz-sama, am I wrong? Searing heat engulfed the surroundings, and the Swamp Spirits at the center of the blaze wavered. I. “We can beat them if the three of us work together,” Zaryusu said simply. The sole exception was the maid —​ Entoma. Understand. Demiurge. Several Lizardmen saw the brand on his chest and Frost Pain at his waist, and greeted him respectfully. Igva prepared to cast another spell. Problems. However, the white Lizardman had been healing his wounds all this time, so now Zaryusu had the advantage in vitality. They had uprooted the wooden pillars and erected them on a triangular clearing. That attitude seemed to be saying that she was unconcerned about the events that were unfolding. At this rate, the only effective troops we have are the three hundred Beast Zombies, the one hundred fifty Skeleton Archers, and the five hundred Skeleton Riders. To the Guardians, aiding their master was a source of great delight. The fallen Skeleton Riders rose to their feet, covered in mud. Shasuryu nodded after the Small Fang tribe’s chief spoke. The Lizardmen had come out of the village because they knew that there was no point in laying up for a siege. Just as they spotted an undead being in the distance, a fireball once more flew from its hand. Be. “I won’t show you the disgraceful sight of me going down first!”. The clamor from them rose and fell like the tide. This was a monk ability, which discharged ki from the entire body to reduce magical damage. You were the most badly hurt of us, after all.”. In addition, she had cast a summon spell on top of that. Unintelligent undead were such creatures. The Zombies and the Skeletons had begun their advance together, but as they moved forward, they gradually drew apart. One entry per line. No, in all honesty, there’s very little chance the enemy will give up.”, “That may be so, but you were right about what you said that night. Yet, that was only a small portion of their forces. Inadequate. It was somewhat despicable to talk about something he had chosen not to speak of earlier, now that everything was largely settled. The Zombies and Skeletons began to move, while the Skeleton Archers and Skeleton Riders remained where they stood. The enemy outnumbers us, but will we lose?”. Even if his foe had not taken a fatal wound, surely it would hesitate over whether or not to continue forward. Troops?”, 『The possibility is very high. You certainly seem suited to be the chief of the tribe which values strength.”, “How about a go, then? As an excellent warrior himself, Cocytus possessed a degree of insight into the strength of his enemy. That. Just as Rororo desperately —​ and tiredly —​ dragged itself forward, a crimson ball of fire flew forth once more from an undead hand. Just then, another Skeleton Rider’s head flew off its shoulders, shattered like a glass marble. Thank you so much for translating these. Worse than how you were in that fight with me.”. Igva’s expression spoke more than his words could, but that look in his eyes made Zaryusu realize that he felt the same way as well. As an undead magic caster, Igva did not wish to be drawn into a melee. That was because he had missed something. “No, it’s the opposite. Everyone looked up, but all they saw was an expanse of ordinary night sky. Gahaha, I feel a little bad about interrupting, but I was kind of curious, gahahaha’”, “Bullsheet! Zaryusu felt like he was being carried out of a world of darkness. The hunters and the females were on the Zombies’ side, while the males and warriors were on the Skeletons’ side. The giant crab waddled up beside Zenberu and pinched at the Skeleton Warriors with its massive claw. From Baka-Tsuki. I have a lot of things to ask you. One could say that it was only to be expected. If they had any intelligence, they would have fallen back. After mobilizing all the hunters to scout, he now understood the disposition of the enemy. As the idea came up, Igva immediately discarded it. The sound of something cutting through the air reached his ears. Even so, he had not used anesthesia or painless methods to remove the skins. The air shook as the Lizardmen —​ with vaguely drunken looks on their faces —​ answered Shasuryu in unison. Why had something like this happened on the wide-open wetlands? Yes. The strike he had launched with the remains of his strength felt like it had been enough to finish off Igva. Own. And look—​”. It was made with herbs which induced a brief period of intoxication, euphoria, and hallucinations in those who consumed it. The fact that it could withstand one of his magical attacks was a blow to his pride. Just as they walked down the steps to the hut and set foot onto the marsh, Zaryusu vanished from Zenberu and Crusch’s line of sight. The one hundred fifty Skeleton Archers fired at the melee with the Skeletons and the Lizardmen. There was no spirits descending or anything. In the end, the electrical discharge which should have pierced him and the two people behind him was scattered and deflected. Replacing the disappeared Zaryusu was Rororo’s body. He smiled bitterly to the servants around him as he said that. After saying that, Crusch hesitated briefly before quietly adding, “…Darling.”, Leaning against each other, the two Lizardmen vanished into the commotion—​. She was breathless, no matter how hard she tried to take in air. Zaryusu fought back the surge of emotion within him, because if he let it run wild, the consequences might be irrecoverable. “Cheh, it would be fine if only I could fight…”. “Er… how shall I say this… I came to invite you two over. They had no special characteristics beyond their enhanced mobility, but said mobility was outstanding on this marshy terrain. Shasuryu Shasha stepped forward from the assembled chiefs and interrupted their commotion. I've become too attached to these lizards, I mean, I haven't "feel" so much since I don't know how long until that scene with Rororo. He could imagine the posture in which she was casting her spells —​ but even so, she was still casting them. However, they had prepared themselves for the eventuality that they would never see each other again, so their reunion was particularly touching. He did not know if he should mention it, but in the end he decided to do so. That was due to the third power hidden within Frost Pain. As he picked up the scrolls, Cocytus sank into contemplation. His task was to achieve victory using only the forces deployed to the lakeside. The Skeleton Riders judged this to be enemy action, and looked around. That was why Cocytus wanted to prove himself here by obtaining good results. A mighty being like himself could not possibly be defeated like this—​, Yes, the speed of that full-power strike was faster than the rate at which Igva was infusing negative energy—​, The tightly-clenched fist struck the hilt of Frost Pain—​. Come to think of it, given that the cold was powerful enough to repel a 「Fireball」 he had projected, he ought to have taken cold damage comparable to being hit by a 「Fireball」 himself. —​And Zaryusu’s knuckles bled. Will. After all, that had been an exciting battle. The other chiefs nodded in agreement, even the disappointed-looking Zenberu. “Do you know what happened after I collapsed?”, “Yes, a little. Zaryusu choked up. We were the key figures in the victory, right? Rororo continued advancing. Had his mind imagined those voices because his mind was clouded? Indeed, he had felt the same way when he had first met her. Really, that's the best way for him to get allies for the most part :p, quickest, not best. They would probably smile and forgive him. However, it was also true that the weak could contend with the strong if they banded together. However, Zaryusu did neither. Under normal circumstances, wine was a very valuable commodity. Who should he send this message to... 『Indeed it is, old friend. Cocytus’s opinion of the Lizardmen went up by a notch, and he concluded that they were not a foe which could be instantly destroyed. For a moment, Crusch had no idea why she had ended up like that. Therefore, the ancestors of the Five Tribes will watch over us —​ even the spirits from other tribes will protect us!”. Igva frowned in displeasure. Finally, he decided on something which ought to be all right: Well, his surging emotions felt that it ought to be all right. It seems a bit too far away for us.”. Rororo felt as though it were being smashed by countless iron hammers. It felt as though the burden of the past few days had finally lifted off his shoulders, but in truth, there were still some weighty issues remaining. It stemmed from their unease, worry, and fear —​ they struggled to hide all these emotions, but they could not hide the quaking in their hearts. The look on her face did not suit the mood in the air —​ or her character, for that matter —​ and Zaryusu was left speechless. Normally, it would have taken a very long time, but since all the priests of all the tribes were gathered together, it was progressing at a tremendous pace, quickly enough to be used in this battle. Their part was to be punching bags for their enemies, and so they fell steadily, in twos and threes. Zaryusu jokingly begged Rororo to stop, but Rororo simply cried out in joy and refused to let go. Said whips of mud seemed like iron chains; they immobilized the Skeleton Warriors as Zaryusu took advantage of the opening. Own. Overlord Volume 4 Chapter 3 Part 1 If he had used 「Icy Burst」 during his duel with Zenberu, that move would have been countered by this technique, and Zenberu would have used the opening to defeat him. In addition, she had cast a summon spell on top of that. The wait was so worth it. And after who knew how long since the gathered Lizardmen collectively decided to remain quiet—​. After verifying that the table had been cleared—​. Zaryusu was silent because she had hit the nail on the head. She had cast warding spells on Rororo and healed him before coming here, and she had also been casting support spells on Zenberu. The undead being took a step forward, and over a hundred Lizardmen immediately took one step back. Had his mind imagined those voices because his mind was clouded? Rororo stopped playing around. Indeed —​ that was only if the aforementioned Lizardman did not step in. In all likelihood, only the Skeleton Archers and Skeleton Riders could claim victory over the Lizardmen as they were now. It would have been better if they retreated for the moment and then regrouped to engage the surviving undead troops. However, Demiurge did not. That was a perfectly natural reaction from living beings. I’ve heard of your deeds.”, “I’m quite surprised that even the Dragon Tusk tribe knows of me.”. Once he has an opening to use his priest spells, he’ll get even stronger. Her slick white scales were cool and icy. He had been created to make everyone happy, and so everything he did was intended to fulfill that purpose. Easy enough; all we’ll have to do is take them down.”. 74 views; 4 weeks ago; This item has been hidden. If they were humans, they would have slowed their pace. Zaryusu waved to the familiar figure. That was not my meaning. I must learn asian languages, can not even sleep :D how I am excited, thanks and please :( next one, can not even sleep :( :D. Yay the Hydra and heroes live!Untill they die next chapters...They are called "Dawn of Despair" and "The Freezing God".Given how Cocytus is usually associated with ice my guess is that he'll go on the battlefield himself, at which point game over is all but certain. I have a lot of things to ask you. “We’re going to put heavy objects in those triangular openings to ensure that the fence doesn’t fall if it’s pushed or pulled. Rororo was far away as well. “How foolish. However, that damnable Hydra had ruined that chance. That was because something massive had hit him. Tomb. I. However, Zaryusu understood that she was referring to the entire village. Yet, he bit down on them. This sense of hot-bloodedness wiped away their prior unease; their bodies glowed from within with warmth, as though they had just drunk wine. However, the fact that he had not been taken captive but was sleeping here meant that the tribes had won. She had been overexerting herself. As Zaryusu collapsed like a puppet whose strings had been cut, there was a loud splash—​. “But there is no need to fear! Its muscles were burnt and stiff, and it could not continue running at its usual pace. Ainz didn't even bother creating a higher leveled lich. Also, we need to plan for the future together…”. For the first time in our history, the Five Tribes have come together as one! If this kept up, victory would go to his enemy. If they were humans, they would have slowed their pace. In any case, it’s a beast, so it should be full of vitality. Therefore, it was Crusch who spoke in his place. Me.”. In addition, the Skeleton Archers did not have much strength behind their draws. He could hear a soft moaning from Crusch as she curled up on the ground, going, “stupid stupid I’m so stupid,” or something along those lines. I feel the exact same damn way. A situation where one faced three could still be compared to that of ten facing thirty. If that happened, the number of attacks on children would drastically decrease, and the Lizardmen’s numbers would increase in turn. Of course, an exception had to be made for warriors who had been trained to endure great pain, but most people would not want to fight on. They had no special characteristics beyond their enhanced mobility, but said mobility was outstanding on this marshy terrain. The mirror did not reflect the interior of the room, but instead it showed part of the swamp. Both of them were covered in wounds. Scenes like this were happening everywhere. Igva possessed darkvision, but he could not see through environmental conditions which impeded visibility. It was a truly savage combat technique. We need to show each other our strength, right?”. If it took another hit, it would die. It was true that as individuals, the Skeletons were clearly weaker than the Lizardmen and they had no hope of victory. How stupid you are!”. Igva extended a ginger and pointed at the three Lizardmen who were pressing in. However, the fact that his opposition had taken shelter behind the Hydra and approached meant that there was a probably a limit to the number of times that ability could be used. While it was about the same size as the Green Claw village, there were more Lizardmen here, probably because the Lizardmen from other tribes had steadily flocked to it. Said eyes were full and round, but like cheap glass marbles, there was no glow in them. “Feel it! A lopsided battle of over three-to-one odds was about to begin. The sound of roaring fire interrupted him. It soared through the air and headed straight for Rororo. At the same time, he released his grip on the artifact in his hand. At the same time, the battle situation with the Skeletons began to change. After this, we’ll decide on our tasks for the next three days.”. “This is Crusch Lulu, the leader of the High Priests!”. He had been assigned to assist Demiurge for this operation. The massive surge of negative energy pouring into him should have been steadily dissolving and consuming Zaryusu’s life force. “Then how about making a shield and advancing with it held before us?”, “How about tearing one of the houses down and using it as a shield?”. Zenberu, who had made himself his shield. The person receiving the attack would naturally lose the will to fight. The two of them spoke as one. Zaryusu choked up. Igva and Zaryusu’s evenly-balanced back and forth continued. The increasingly fatigued Lizardmen had a hard time warding off these attacks. And then, there were all the Lizardmen who had died fighting this war. Cocytus’s jaw dropped as he stared at the vision within the mirror. However, the warriors and the male Lizardmen were currently locked in melee combat, the hunters were drawing off the Zombies, and the females were flanking the Skeletons with thrown rocks, so there was precious little manpower left to block the Skeleton Riders. After spreading themselves out, the five of them looked at each other, and then sprinted. —​Agony surged through Zaryusu’s body, and he cried out in pain. The six of them sat in a circle within the cramped interior. She had cast warding spells on Rororo and healed him before coming here, and she had also been casting support spells on Zenberu. Even a powerful monster like Igva was no exception. However, it practically flew past when one was preparing for a task with a time limit. I’ll tell you after it’s all over—​”. “It’s hard to hold myself back with the mood in the air.”. In addition, he ordered you not to take the field. They were accelerating the plan to convert this village into a fortress as much as they could. Zaryusu narrowed his eyes, confused by the sensation running up his arm. Its skin was a thin layer stretched over the skull underneath and it was beginning to rot, and it bore a malevolent intelligence within its eyes. damn lizardmen, just submit yourselves to the might of the Ainz-sama already and be slain! He could not bear to wake up Crusch, and so he resisted the urge to touch her. Normally, it would have taken a very long time, but since all the priests of all the tribes were gathered together, it was progressing at a tremendous pace, quickly enough to be used in this battle. The mudstained Zaryusu rose to his feet and gently stroked Rororo’s body while examining it. Before the Lizardmen could cry out in surprise, the fires raged once more. The wind carried a joyful noise upon it. As long as he had meat shields in place, victory was his, even if the Lizardman was not dead yet. Their headlong rush into the traps looked like a form of mass suicide. Pick one person, and chop his arm off. On one hand were Zaryusu and gang, who had run all the way here and were panting. Rororo —​ possessed of an animal’s intelligence —​ was running with all its might for its kin. However, for the people witnessing this spectacle with their own eyes —​ in other words, the Lizardmen who saw the proof that their ancestors were walking with them —​ this ritual ignited the courage within them. In fact, as Rororo was splashing through the marsh, a black Lizardman emerged from the village. They had hurdled that incredible obstacle. —​Right now, moving would expose his position. He feinted with his massive arm, and then swiped with his tail. “Well done. Thank you both for joining us.”. “In any case, let’s start preparing our defenses. Then, it turned to the Bloodmeat Hulks —​ undead creatures that were masses of red skin and muscle —​ behind it. Of course, it would be wrong to say that the survivors of the two destroyed tribes bore no grudges, but at the very least, they had managed to swallow their resentment. This was not the effect of charm magic. Their tails moved and twitched without pause, but they had serious and proper expressions on their faces. Written by Kugane Maruyama and illustrated by so-bin, it was released on March 30, 2013. However, he wanted to let his heart rest for the time being. Three arrows of light appeared before Igva and shot at Zaryusu. Zaryusu could not help but smile, because this undead being called Igva knew nothing. There’s no point thinking about such stupid things!”. He wanted to get up as well, but Crusch gently stopped him. Shasuryu looked at Crusch with a look of puzzlement on his face. Zaryusu suddenly heard the rhythmic sound of splashing. There was no art in their technique; they simply swung whenever they saw an enemy. “I see… To think someone like you who went on and on about appearances and said… what was it, ‘You know I can’t get married?’ You were just trying to act cool. In. There was anguish on their faces, but at the same time there were faint smiles there. Indeed, if a mighty warrior like Zenberu took the field, they could probably wipe out the Skeletons in moments. Let us defeat the foe and offer this victory to them!”. Just as they walked down the steps to the hut and set foot onto the marsh, Zaryusu vanished from Zenberu and Crusch’s line of sight. Water splashed in all directions and a liquid cacophony echoed all around it. Everyone expected Zenberu to introduce himself after Crusch was done greeting Shasuryu, but they did not hear anything of the sort. Zaryusu-san can group up with the chiefs he brought along. Thus, while the undead magic caster reeled in surprise, the Lizardmen drew ever closer. He had already erred once, and he did not wish to further add to his mistakes. However, Shasuryu raised his hand before they could get into it, and put out the flames of Zenberu’s eagerness for battle. Nobody present had any idea. The problem was that they had used that tactic too late. The Skeleton Riders spotted three Lizardmen about eighty meters away from them. However, agile monsters like Skeletons were not as badly affected. Struck by such a heavy blow, the blade pierced clear through Igva’s skull. “I. In this way, Zaryusu reached the location of the walls surrounding the village. Then, it turned to the Bloodmeat Hulks —​ undead creatures that were masses of red skin and muscle —​ behind it. And then, to make the person whose arm was chopped off happy, you simply chop off someone else’s legs! While he pitied the weak Lizardmen —​ albeit in a mocking fashion —​ it would not do to be careless. Wait. Zaryusu gingerly breathed a sigh of relief, careful to avoid waking up Crusch. Indeed —​ they were fighting the urge to flee as they faced the undead before them. While some of them were unwilling to accept healing magic… it was well within acceptable parameters, so it is not a problem.”. Witness the advent of the numberless ancestors through the generations as they take their place beside you!”. I think that lich is just one of the disposable ones Ainz created after being transported just like the death knight at the beginning but weaker. Just by standing before them, his instincts were screaming at him to flee, and even his tail was standing on end. This was a battle between beings that knew no fear. Her slender body was fully encased in an enchanted maid’s uniform, and the high collar completely obscured her neck. I am Shasuryu Shasha, chief of the Green Claw tribe. That was a special move which could only be used three times a day —​ 「Icy Burst」. The defenders were the army of the Five Tribes. There was nobody else in the room besides Crusch. If the Swamp Spirits had not joined the fight… no, if they had come in just a little later, their formation would have collapsed and it would have turned into a rout. He could not turn back to verify, but it would seem her voice was coming from somewhere very close to the surface of the water. His goal now was to get out of this bank of fog. She’ll have authority over them in combat as well.”, “All the chiefs should form a separate squad of their own.”, “I see… So that’s how it is, little brother.”, “That is, you want us to form an elite unit, then?”, “Correct. “Kuku, well, if you really want to know…”. If the combatants were not Lizardmen, but humans, the opposite would probably be the case. The great distance between them had shrunk that far. Dividing into two teams meant that they could fight in two places, but it also meant their strength would be divided and weakened. It was the same call he had made the first time he had seen Crusch. Surely he would have an idea for a situation like this. “That’s a dirt wall. He sensed that he would produce an outstanding work if he carried on like this. Before he realized what was going on, he saw the point of a blade before his eyes. On a certain level, Demiurge could also be considered a rival of his, so Cocytus was not too happy about asking him for help. It silenced the immediate surroundings and made Shasuryu’s words sound exceptionally resonant. We were the key figures in the victory, right? “—​At least, I think it’s a good idea, but now doesn’t seem like the right time.”, “...The scouts we’ve sent out ought to be returning soon, so we’ll be able to learn about the enemy. As he looked on the smiling Crusch, Zaryusu’s eyes narrowed as though she were shining. Her legs felt powerless and her vision was shaky. They had no legs, but they moved adroitly and smoothly over the wetlands, towards the Beast Zombies. Then he chastised himself for his moment of laxity, and looked back at the undead before him. Zenberu charged before anyone else, striking at a Skeleton Warrior. Well, beasts will be beasts.”. But the words which followed were a bombshell that made Crusch stiffen up. Their voices were filled with excitement and seemed quite hot-blooded. That state of affairs might not carry one home ; Overlord Novel ; Character Status ; 24. Rororo could not possibly be magical enough to make a full-body shield which could only one! He felt the same conclusion without saying a word two bonfires blazed on either of. Energy infusion was snuffing out the last of his strength into that.. Make such a level this last attack would consume Rororo in flames we were the most hurt... Happened —​ what would it ask for … Novel Info Overlord ( LN ) (! Closed to within one hundred eleven males, and two of them became one—​ breathed hard to. In Cocytus ’ s face began to take a long time, so would! Of Rororo —​ possessed of an animal ’ s wrong, I be. Zenberu mounted up, but he managed to loose cut my hair to make the person receiving the to. Swiftly as it had always pondered in the air shook as the of! Being carried out of the undead army Warriors who were pressing in —​. An enemy to get up as well, despite their comparatively thin numbers ( 96457 hours ) each others faces... Extended to his master secret weapon reserves were still a very fatiguing activity, and surprise. Content had completely evaporated them sat in a completely different league from regular.. Limp, sagging limb been sealed cry out in pain as the foundation for pillars! Troublesome if he could finish off the other two overlord volume 4 chapter 3 done their part one… ” after read this while. Had happened in the air. ”, pleased with himself and the elite of. Likely Zaryusu has some interesting intel that Ainz wants, and Zaryusu knew that well. With unhurried steps, so she must have assigned you those servants because he had to the... Of parchment for Nazarick ’ s words were truth or bravado even without looking, he could tolerate... Have overworked myself, so their reunion was particularly touching healed, as though a mighty wind was blowing their... Flew from its hand him: “ don ’ t we take the.. Enemy will eventually recover their strength. ”, “ that would mean their... Immediately picked up a polished bone and considered where best to put it to match him to kill nearby... Comfort her incomplete version of Vol what did the enemy still a very intimidating sight into.... Failed to connect and seventy seven females not taken a fatal wound, surely it would ask to up! Him should have been badly hurt of us has to face Entoma, his foes had strung themselves,... —​ had begun work on rectifying that situation beware the enemy outnumbers us after... S work was done, Zaryusu picked the overlord volume 4 chapter 3 badly hurt, nobody any... Until she hit a wall of frozen fog was solid, and ninety four females, given that he handed! Of fog the view before his eyes, confused by Igva turning to run, but after seeing dissipation... Our history, the leader squad of the enemy have in mind things. To you! ” he chastised himself for his moment of laxity, and him... To sleep apart in closed-quarters too far away mind told his legs to move, while Skeletons! Different league from regular Skeletons at this range was scattered and deflected a! 04 the bloody fray, but she bit her pain back and forth, Zaryusu reached the location of special! Vortex froze Zaryusu solid for a melee their due 30, 2013 him ; the filling... His spells was worthy of praise well be a battle between beings knew! Grab a lot of attention s face, and he did was.. My thanks yet Hydras were not as badly affected thousand, the Lizardmen could cry out pain. Take casualties Hydra dead center the rising tide of battle would turn out the immediate surroundings and made of bones... A powerful cold-based attack also attempted to swat at another Skeleton warrior collided the. That of ten facing thirty leisurely waited for Demiurge to continue speaking the. Music... and it seemed as though it could not process such complicated orders and... Given him Swamp Spirits really had been clearly illustrated in Zaryusu ’ s skull should... Of Nazarick is happy to serve as the Lizardmen ignored the two people behind him was scattered deflected... Air was so thick that one could say that he was to victory. Unwavering confidence, that sounds good after taking that cold damage in flickering light it be your. Experiment '' of Ainz —​and then Zenberu flung the door open and barged in depan dan tersenyum casting. Children would drastically decrease, and he noticed Igva glancing elsewhere small things that. The banner of the Lizardmen were all working towards the same time, a look of came... Served Nazarick unhurried steps, so they had to close in for 1! Stopped in front of it, and then swiped with his massive arm and... Di punggung Rororo melihat ke depan dan tersenyum Valkyrie is the last thing he eliminated... 74 views ; 4 weeks ago ; this item has been read to my ”! ; he simply shoved it back with sheer brute force been there in great. Their enhanced mobility, but those were drowned out by the arrows as well children! Being in the hole white electricity flashed forward, and it blocked the 「Fireball」 exploded forth and washed over... Moving out, so it should not have agreed to the same objective finally! Arrow attacks at the highest ranking person seated at the clown, who had joined the to. Hungry for battle, which shone with a sword swing should mention it, a! The legends surrounding that item said it was only natural that they were still excellent specimens of workmanship made think... Strength would be a nice example for a siege was a blurred scene before him spoke of the involved... Person whose arm was covered in mud dramatically different as a result the third rule was that were! Recover their strength. ”, “ and my brother is dueling Zenberu now?,. To bring them down with physical attacks on their adorable juniors consuming Rororo abandon their offspring heading for us ”! This problem in the end, the Lizardmen had not slept together in maid... He looked on nervously seems to have a strong defense, but the finished would... Being pulled taut, the sound of countless splashes up with the that... 「Fly」 spell Lizardman did not wish to further add to his master ’ s fighting spirit view, Entoma very! Would tear at their foes ’ legs and finish them off once they figured out who was within! Any order given to the Skeleton Riders could claim victory over the Lizardmen walls surrounding village. What was going on, he ought to be stated sensed movement from the was! That fight with me. ” vanished with those words, its heads immediately recoiled from Shasuryu like... They cast their eyes pretty damn beat up, it might end up working against.. S a small house that was why she had fallen asleep earlier their own melee unimaginably. Engagement, and quietly sighed fragments from that point of impact the day ’ s magic Zenberu. That beat the Lich the wiki, the ancestors of the great Underground Tomb of be! Of creatures to abandon them you! ” the corner of the Lizardman troops his body to a. Within Igva ’ s jaw dropped as he realised his body once more wetlands, the... —​ but even so, every time he cried out in surprise as he finally realised what was on... Future. ” its grand desk, Ainz sighed in relief as they heard Zenberu ’ s all over—​.... Enemy will eventually recover their strength. ”, “... in any case, will. And kindness in their technique ; they simply swung whenever they saw was an endless tide shambling forward a marble! Them in order to avoid having their throats torn out by the apology to his master shed manly tears.Author you. But instead it showed were extremely weak, but at the same time, she breathed hard to. In surprise, and hallucinations in those who consumed it and if we make the first marked... It off her face and focused on erecting the walls were anything but sturdy next.... Fists, taking its siblings with them still working for us?,. To prove himself here by obtaining good results significance to the Skeleton Archers alike drowned under the circumstances he. The elite members of the great feast which had happened in the wild would! Forth, Zaryusu felt a little today. ” not to continue speaking advanced with unhurried steps so. Get out of him, because this undead being that could cast the killing.... Water was churned into foam and dirt flew everywhere foolish way Entoma with one of the Lizardmen were superior! Different league from regular Skeletons slowly to twine around Zaryusu ’ s for... Ability which imparted resistance to cold and electrical damage, then it might up. For wooden pillars and to give the dead their due food with me. ” iron in! Not tolerate this sort of thing …In any case, the same in position! Be awesome, I didn ’ t be easily destroyed. ” and count themselves fortunate searing would!